About Hiro PPE LLC


Hiro PPE LLC is a startup dedicated to manufacturing reusable and sterilizable elastomeric half-mask respirators (EHMRs) for medical personnel that can don quickly, seal reliably, and breathes easily. Bioinspired materials innovations are utilized in the design of PPE for essential individuals on the frontlines of this evolving pandemic.


President: Hiroko Oda, RN works at a local hospital where she has seen firsthand how the recent pandemic has affected Health Care Workers (HCWs). She is passionate about developing improved N95 respirators for HCWs that incorporate materials design innovations and exceed approved performance standards for currently available N95 respirators on the market.


CEO: Michael Frank, PhD (Materials Science & Engineering, UCSD) is an innovator of breakthrough nanomaterials for various applications from gas sensors to bone implants. His approach with HiroPPE is to learn from the experts (especially HCWs on the frontlines), so he can help design the ultimate solution to meet their needs during this current pandemic or any future ones.